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Samsung Medical Center, Institute for Refractory Cancer Research. Director Do-Hyun Nam Movie View

Refractory cancer is cancer that does not respond to standard therapy and 40% of all patients with solid tumor have refractory cancer. The average survival time is just six months, prompting patients, families, and doctors to anxiously wait for new therapeutics. To meet this formidable yet critical need, the multi-million dollar.

Samsung Medical Center's Institute for Refractory Cancer Research (IRCR) was established to develop a novel hospital-centered system of novel antibody-based therapeutics for refractory cancer patients through patient specific preclinical evaluation.

IRCR brought together the hospital, pharmaceutical companies, refractory cancer treatment experts, and external experts for the development of treatment against refractory cancer. What makes IRCR stand out is its unique strategy of focusing on personalized, multi-targeted, and combinatorial treatment, based on translational research built upon the foundation of genomic and network-based analyses. Such strategy would help cultivate personalized drug discovery that is closer to the bedside and is more likely to succeed in future clinical trials. In the end, our goal is to become a role model of disease conquest total solution through our drug discovery program.

We aim to establish the world's best research-centered hospital for the development of refractory cancer treatment.

Director Do-Hyun Nam