Staff of SMC Set Up “Stay Happy and Share” As its “Socially Responsible Vision”

SMC’s CSR Team declared “Stay happy and share’ as SMC’s socially responsible vision.

Ever since its opening, SMC has been consistently committed to social contribution. However, to foster a unique social contribution culture, SMC began establishing a vision.  The Team started working on it last January and set a concrete direction of SMC’s socially responsible activities by interviewing the management face-to-face.  Then in March, the Team conducted an online and offline survey of the entire staff to gather their ideas of social contributions. Based on the interviews and the survey, the Team ran a key person workshop on March 26th for the members who have rich experience of volunteering and sharing.

By doing so, the Team prepared three draft visions and put them to the vote on April 15th in front of the staff cafeteria.

Through participation and consensus of the staff made the selected vision particularly meaningful.

SMC aims to keep the vision in mind and devote itself to a variety of socially responsible activities in its own way.