Radiofrequency Ablation’s Efficacy Proven on Kidney Cancer

- Prof. Park Byung-Kwan’s team in Department of Radiology, SMC
- Treatment on kidney cancer on which surgery is difficult; no recurrence in 96% of cases
Prof. Park Byung-Kwan’s team in Department of Radiology, SMC, has proven the efficacy of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) in the treatment of kidney cancer.
Prof. Park and his team implemented the RFA method on 51 kidney cancer patients for whom surgery was difficult or impossible. And 46 patients, 96.1% of the treated patients, hadn’t experienced a recurrence of the illness for two years.
 RFA is a minimally-intrusive treatment applied to patients for whom surgical methods are not appropriate. The method involves precisely puncturing the tumor with an RFA needle and heating it with high-frequency radio waves to remove the neoplasm.
 It can be repeatedly applied even to a patient with multiple types of cancer since its effect on kidney function is minimalized. It is also a very reliable treatment that selectively and effectively removes only the tumors without complications, incisions, or severe pain.
Prof. Park said, “The treatment result included in this study was proof of the experience and technique we accumulated so far; specifically, we could confirm the method is also effective on cancer that has spread to the adrenal gland, the lymph nodes, and the soft tissues. But early diagnosis is more important here because the result is not as good when the tumors are bigger than 4 centimeters or there are four or more of them.” 
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