Samsung Medical Center has reached 10,000 cardiac arrhythmia treatments

The Samsung Medical Center’s Heart Vascular Stroke Institute cardiac arrhythmia team has reached 10,000 cardiac arrhythmia treatments, the first record in Korea for cases performed in EP LAP.


The number of procedures has been recorded to be 800–900 per year, but after the new laboratory expansion in November 2017, the procedures performed in the two labs have increased to up to 640, including high-level treatments such as atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, and cardiac resynchronization therapy.


Professor Park Kyoung Min from the Department of Cardiology, who also leads the cardiac arrhythmia team, said that “cardiac arrhythmia treatment is mostly a nonemergency one, which indicates that reaching 10,000 procedures solely depends on the patients’ steady trust and love” and “we are going to exert efforts to be recognized globally for both quantity and quality levels.”