International conference focuses on importance of menopause hormone therapy


Samsung Medical Center Professor ByungKoo Yoon of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology gave a talk on menopause hormone therapy at the Asia Pacific Menopause Federation international conference held in Manila, Philippines on May 30. He emphasized the importance of menopause hormone therapy because the therapy can inhibit decline of cognitive function in menopause women and improve the quality of life.


Professor Yoon received academic attention when he published a study showing that the menopause hormone therapy effectively slows down the speed of cognitive reduction in women with severe cognitive impairment in journal Menopause last year. The study included a two-year follow-up study, which showed that co-administration of gel-type estrogen and oral undifferentiated progesterone reduces the degree of cognitive reduction.


In addition, Professor Yoon showed in a study he presented at the Korean Society of Menopause early this year that practice of the menopause hormone therapy in early menopause women under 60 years old reduces the overall mortality rate by 13 percent, suggesting that the therapy greatly improves women’s health in long-term.


Professor Yoon said, “The menopause hormone therapy not only improves menopausal deficits in menopausal women, but it also effectively prevents dementia, which is one of the biggest problems in the aging society.”