Samsung Medical Center and JW Pharmaceutical sign MOU for big data-based drug development

Samsung Medical Center (SMC) signed a research cooperation MOU with JW Pharmaceutical for drug development using the health care big data-based platform.


The joint research project aims to develop innovational drugs to establish personalized precision medicine for cancer and immune disease treatment and regenerative medicine.


Under the agreement, the two parties will conduct translational clinical research of the candidate substances in discovery to preclinical phase, and in this process, they will cooperate with Precision Medicine Institute, Big Data Research Center, and Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Institute, which are the core research facilities of SMC. Translational clinical research is a strategy, by which pharmaceutical companies and basic and clinical research institutions cooperate on research to clinical stage drug development.


SMC expects to derive clinical materials for innovational drug development in the field of precision medicine using big data-based technologies, including patient-derived cell lines and genomic information.


Prof. Kyu-Sung Lee, Director of Research Institute for Future Medicine, said, "Under the MOU, the outstanding technology of JW Pharmaceutical and researchers of SMC will bring new power to data-based development of future medicine."