First Korean Hospital to Achieve HIMSS INFRAM Stage 6 Certification


Samsung Medical Center became the first Korean medical provider, and the world's third hospital to acquire the HIMSS INFRAM Stage 6 Certification the medical IT infrastructure standard, from HIMSS [Healthcare Information and Management System Society], which is the most prestigious medical IT association.


HIMSS is an American Healthcare Information and Management System Society that promotes the efficiency of medical systems by applying IT technology to the medical environment. It is the world's most credible certification association that evaluates the informatization level of medical institutions with the goal of improving the quality of medical care and patient safety.


HIMSS proposes seven global standards for medical IT and operates a certification system, one of which, INFRAM [Infra Adoption Model], which presents a 0-7 stage model that meets international standards so that medical institutions can assess and map the skills and functions needed to achieve their healthcare infrastructure goals.


Furthermore, the six-stage certification is granted only when the global criteria for SDN [Software Defined Network] implementation, traffic load operating based on policy monitoring, end-to-end visibility into service delivery, and hybrid cloud application and infrastructure automation are met.


Samsung Medical Center, which is carrying out various innovative tasks in the field of treatment and logistics with the aim of becoming 'a hospital that is at the frontier of future medicine through cutting-edge intelligence', has proven that its IT infrastructure is world-class by acquiring the HIMSS INFRAM Stage 6 certification for the first time in Korea and will continuously strive to lead with digital innovation.