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행사명 연자-주제 개최일
제 58회 난치암연구사업단 초청세미나를 Hsieng S. Lu (Thousand Oaks) - Development and Optimization of Therapeutic Proteins, Antibodies and Derivatives
Phillip S. Kim (Trutino Biosciences) - Next Generation Immuno-Oncology & Targeted-Oncology Strategy
제 57회 난치암연구사업단 초청세미나 Antonio Iavarone (Columbia University) - The Drivers of Oncogenesis in Glioblastoma 2018-05-09
제 56회 난치암연구사업단 초청세미나 홍석희 (The University of Sydney)-Visual Analytics of Big Complex Networks 2018-01-05
제55회 난치암연구사업단 초청세미나 Andrew Chen (Columbia University)-Topological Summaries of Glioblastoma Imaging 2018-01-04
제54회 난치암연구사업단 초청세미나 Oliver Rath (Crown Biosciences)-Preclinical approaches for immunooncology agents