Billing Process for an International Medical Insurance Holder

  • Request an Appointment
  • Contact your insurance
  • Your insurance sends us the guarantee
  • No

    You will need to pay upfront and submit the bill for reimbursement yourself.
  • Yes

    You pay your deductible, coinsurance and/or copay
    We bill your insurance
    Your insurance will pay us


Payment for outpatient service should be made at the International Health Services after consulting with your nurse.

Payment for inpatient service can be made at different payment desks in several locations. When your bill is finalized, your nurse will direct you to the nearest payment desk.

For inpatient treatment, we ask that you make a 90% deposit of the estimated cost. We will inform you every 7 days of your balance. Once your deposit is used up, we will ask you to make additional payment to avoid haaving to settle a large sum at the time of discharge.

Payment for emergency room visit is made separately at the payment/reception desk in the emergency room.

We accept cash(Korean Won only) and international credit card(AMEX, MASTER, VISA, etc.) To exchange your local currency to Korean Won, Shinhan Bank is located at B1 of main building and cancer center. They are open 9am ~ 4pm.

Direct Billing Services

Samsung Medical Center currently has contracts with the following insurance companies and organizations to offer patients convenient, cashless services.

How to Request Guarantee

For Outpatient Visit
Contact their customer services via phone or e-mail. Then, inform your appointment along with the date of service, diagnosis or symptom, types of procedure/treatment. Most insurance companies require guarantee for every single visit. We highly recommend that you call your insurance company rather than e-mailing them because, from our experience, the turn-around time for e-mail is very long.
If we, International Health Services, do not receive an accurate guarantee in time for your appointment, you will need to pay upfront and submit the bill to your insurance for reimbursement.
For Inpatient Services
You do not need to contact your insurance company. We will directly contact your insurance to inform the accurate diagnosis and types of procedure or surgery with the expected length of stay for you. You should consult with our adminis- trative staff before the date of admission.

Insurance List

  • Inpatient & Outpatient
    • CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits : 1-382-797-3100
    • HTH Worldwide & Geoblue: 1-610-254-8771
    • Calvo’s Select Care: 1-671-479-7995
    • Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP):
    • GBG Tiecare :
    • AETNA GLOBAL BENEFITS: 1-813-775- 0190
    • United Healthcare Global: 1-763-274-7362
  • Inpatient only
    • Bupa International: +44-1273-333911
    • TakeCare: 671-646-6956
    • Daman: +971-2-6149555


  • Organizations
    • Tricare(International SOS): 080-429-0880
    • Europ Assistance : +7 495 787 2178
    • EUROCENTER :+66 26 96 36 26/26 96 36 27
    • International SOS: +27 11 541 1000 4232
    • GAP(Global Assistance Partners) : +82-2-723-8839
    • DOH(Department of Health)
    • UAE Armed Forces
Cosmetic Surgery Tax Refund Hospital

Patients' Rights and Responsibilities

Patients' Rights

1. Right to receive medical care

Patients have the right to receive proper care in a safe setting without discrimination nor should their right to care be violated regardless of their gender, age, religion, social status, nationality, language, race, or physical/mental/financial status. Medical teams shall not refuse to provide care without justifiable reason.

2. Right to be informed and to make an autonomous decision

Patients have the right to obtain full and complete information from their medical team, to ask questions, and to determine their agreement or refusal concerning: diagnosis, treatment (purpose, plans and methods), outcomes of care (including unanticipated outcomes), discharge plan, participation in medical research studies, organ transplantation/donation, etc. Within ethical boundaries, patients may discontinue or refuse treatment, request that the medical team explain and suggest alternative treatments, and reserve the right to make their own decisions.

3. Right to confidentiality

Patients' rights to confidentiality regarding their physical/health status and privacy will not be violated. Patients can expect that all medical records/reports and their personal privacy will be kept confidential unless the patient has given consent or disclosure is permitted by law. To ensure their privacy, patients may be informed that Individuals not directly involved in their care may not be present and that the number of guardians accompanying patients to consultation rooms may be limited.

4. Right to request consultation and mediation

In the event of a medical dispute, patients may request consultation and mediation from an internal or external agency (Korea Consumer Agency, Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency).

5. Right to have values and beliefs respected

Patients will not be discriminated against because of their culture, religious values, or beliefs, and their rights will not be violated.

6. Right to receive care in a safe setting

Patients have the right to receive hospital-provided care where the patient’s medical information is protected and patient safety can be assured. In addition, patients have the right to be protected from possible dangers that can occur in a hospital and to have stability of mind and body.

Patients' Responsibilities

1. Responsibility to trust and respect the medical team

Patients must accurately inform the medical team of their health condition and must trust and respect the medical team's treatment plan. Patients may be responsible for consequences that result from not following instructions.

2. Responsibility to not use dishonest methods for medical treatment

Patients must reveal their identity before receiving any medical care and must not use false or dishonest methods, such as seeking medical care under disguised ownership.

3. Responsibility to abide by all hospital regulations

Patients are expected to treat all hospital staff and other patients with courtesy and respect; to abide by all hospital rules; and to earnestly fulfill their financial obligation to the hospital. Also, patients and their family members are expected to participate in all safety regulations.