Scheduling an Appointment

For International Patients

Preparing for your first visit

Preparation before your first visit (outpatient)

  • Please prepare and bring the following materials to your first visit to the Proton Center
    - medical treatment request, prescriptions, test results, biopsy slides, biopsy results, PET results, image CD

Preparation before the simulation treatment

  • You must fast for a certain period of time before the simulation treatment depending on the outpatient instructions
    Proton simulation treatment is the process of acquiring a cross sectional image of treatment sites by using a CT simulation treatment device. Depending on the administration of contrast agents for CT imaging, fasting may be required. Therefore, please understand and follow the instructions provided to you during the visit.
  • It is recommended that you take a shower a day before the simulation treatment day
    In order to align and fix the treatment site during the radiotherapy, we produce equipment to stabilize the patient’s posture and also make marking on the patient’s skin with a permanent marker or a tattooing device. Therefore, it is recommended that the patient take a shower a day before the visit day.
    ※ If you have any scheduled tests such as procedures or ultrasounds which are scheduled on dates after the simulation treatment, please plan accordingly after confirming them with the outpatient nurse as it may erase the markings that are on your body which can alter the size and shape of the treatment site during the simulation treatment.

Preparation before the treatment

  • To prevent erasure of the markings on your body during the period between the end of the simulation treatment and the day of treatment, you must avoid taking a shower, bath, sauna, and exercise that causes you to sweat. If the markings on your body happen to become erased during the simulation treatment period, please contact the registration desk (02-6190-5300).
    ※ Treatment procedure
    1) Please make your visit to receive treatment according to the schedule provided to you upon completion of the simulation treatment.
    2) When you come for your visit, you will be guided to the Treatment Room on the 3rd floor of the basement after registration.
    3) Then, you will be guided through the treatment process by our staff.


  • Please refer to the map below for location information upon your arrival to the Samsung Medical Center.

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