Wellness Care Mental Care Program

A mental relaxing program for creating a healthy mind

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  • Introducing the Program

"It could be cancer, so please go to a bigger hospital"

  • With the onset of cancer, the patient will often experience physical distress along with mental distress. In most cases, they focus on physical treatment, but the side of psychological trauma is sometimes not managed well. However, such psychological trauma must not be disregarded in order for patients to get further treatment and overcome the disease.
  • In the Proton Center, we implement a 1:1 interview and psychological consultation with the coordinator through a questionnaire regarding emotional stress. Also, our medical team monitors the psychological status of the patient and his/her guardian continuously and supports them multi-directionally by helping them to connect with the cancer education center program, in-depth consultation with a social welfare worker, and cancer care center treatment.


- Psychological trauma due to the onset of cancer
- Depression due to the stress caused by treatment


- 1:1 Consultation through the emotional stress questionnaire
- Continuous monitoring of one’s psychological status


- Maintaining a stable mindset through implementing the mental care program
- It should have a positive effect for future treatment and overcoming the disease

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  • Program Composition
Program Composition
Program Composition
  • Emotional Stress Survey

    Patient/Guardian Psychological Monitoring

  • Coordinator

    • Social welfare consultation
    • Connect to cancer cure cancer
    • Cancer education center program *

* Cancer Education Center Program

  • Imagery Treatment

    Imagery Treatment

    It helps to make the patients mental status calm and relaxed.

  • Smile Treatment

    Smile Treatment

    We vitalize patients in order for them to overcome the cancer.

  • Art Therapy

    Art Therapy

    It helps to relieve stress through various art activities.

  • Yoga-Treatment Meditation

    Yoga-Treatment Meditation

    It reduces depression, anxiety, fatigue, and helps with improved sleep.

※ The proton center coordinator helps with the introduction and application of each program

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