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Proton therapy for rectal cancer

We would like to introduce the details of proton therapy for rectal cancer.

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  • In which cases of rectal cancer can proton treatment be applied?
  • It can be applied before and after surgical operation for recurrent rectal cancers that are difficult to treat with surgical operations.

  • In the case where radiotherapy has been previously conducted, proton treatment may be the preferred treatment option.

    Due to functional and cosmetic reasons, surgical operations may be restrictive. Although high dose radiotherapy is implemented, the level of radiation transferred is limited. Therefore, it is difficult to implement high dose therapy with the X-ray treatments and side effects are common.

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  • What is the advantage of proton treatment when treating rectal cancer?
  • Proton cancer decreases concerns of side effects associated with radiotherapy retreatment and high dose radiation treatment while transferring a sufficient amount of radiation to obtain high tumor control rates.

  • For recurrent rectal cancer that has been previously treated with radiotherapy, it is known that tumor removal is difficult and that there are limitations in the cosmetic and functional aspects when treated with surgical operations. Therefore, there are many cases where high dose radiotherapy is implemented. In such cases, even if treated through intensity modulated radiotherapy, side effects from radiation exposure to the surrounding normal organs are common, and for 5 years, the tumor control rate has been less than 50%. However, proton treatment is expected to decrease the level of radiation exposed to the surrounding normal tissues while transferring a high dose of radiation to the tumor for effective removal.

    [Proton Therapy compared to the X-ray treatments to treat rectal cancer]
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  • What are the effects of the treatment?
  • Outcomes of proton treatment implemented on rectal cancer patients are not prevalent. However, when observing the outcomes of corpuscular radiotherapy, which have similar characteristics to the proton treatment, it reported a tumor control rate of over 90%.

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