SMC Arrhythmia Center Selected as “Cryoballoon Training Center for Cooling Balloon Catheter Ablation”


SMC Heart Vascular Stroke Institute Arrhythmia Center has been selected as Cryoballoon Training Center for cooling balloon catheter ablation following its selection as APHRS Authorized Training Center last year.


After adopting the cooling balloon catheter ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in May last year for the first time in Korea, it has achieved 50 clinical cases in the shortest period.


The cooling balloon catheter ablation refers to a procedure that involves inserting a thin tube in the heart to find a problematic site causing atrial fibrillation and removing it at once by freezing it to minus 75 degrees. One advantage of this procedure is that it blows a balloon that fits the shape of the opening end of atrial fibrillation-causing pulmonary vein in left atrium for thorough treatment. Many reports on low reoperation and re-admission rate of the procedure led to verification of its safety and effectiveness, and it has been attracting much attention in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China as a complementary alternative procedure that requires shortened operation time and relatively simple techniques.


As Cryoballoon Training Center, SMC plans to invite domestic and foreign cardiologists specializing in arrhythmia in the future and share the center’s special know-hows for active interaction.