• P1 Main Entrance
  • P2 Main building
  • P3 Main building, Underground
  • P4 Cancer Center
  • P5 Moutuary

Parking Info

Parking Info
Main Entrance 509 lots
Main Building 507 lots
Main Building, Underground 995 lots
Cancer Center 405 lots
Mortuary 425 lots
Total 2,841 lots
* The SMC has 2,841 parking spaces in total.


Classification Free Parking Rates
Day Parking
30 minute free parking KRW 500 per 10 minutes
Night Parking
KRW 1,000
Same parking rates apply on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays.

Free Parking

Free Parking
Classification Free Parking Remarks
Patients with appointments, interim payments 2 hours Please show your patient card or receipt together with the parking ticket to the parking attendant on your way out.(1 vehicle / once )
Outpatient (treatment, examination, blood test), medical checkup, surgery on an outpatient basis 24 hours
On the day of admission, discharge and surgery
Emergency visit

Long term Parking

Long term Parking
Classification Remarks
Discount ticket
  • KRW 10,000/24 hours (Twenty-four hours free)
  • purchase a discount ticket at Parking Control Office in the basement level 1 of the main building by presenting your parking ticket within 3 hours of entrance
  • For Cancer Center Inpatients : As the Cancer Center parking is always crowded, in case of long-term parking, users are required to buy a parking discount ticket and park their cars in the basement of main building or above ground parking lot.
  • License plate number recognition system operates in.
  • Please make sure to take your cars after being discharged from hospital stay in order to prevent excessive imposition of parking fees and for the convenience of outpatients and other guests.
  • Please contact the parking control office if experiencing inconvenience in using our parking facilities. (+82-2-3410-0133~4)