Enabling Precision Medicine for the benefit of our patients and world-class research in genomics.


Samsung Genome Institute was launched in March 2013 to develop a comprehensive system for the implementation of precision cancer medicine based on genome sequencing and analysis.
In order to provide personalized treatment to cancer patients, various kinds of genome research are performed in collaboration with multiple specialists and clinicians in the fields of cancer genomics, bioinformatics and functional genomics.

Strengths of Samsung Genome Institute

  • Operates the highest global standards level of genome analysis infrastructure
  • Establishes a next-generation personalized treatment system based on genomic information
  • Endeavors to improve the quality of life of patients, improve treatment performance and reduce medical costs by establishing world-class genome-based personalized treatment system through securing global research capabilities based on the development of core genome technology

Major Achievements

  • Expanded infrastructure for early phase through cancer clinical trial ward
  • Continuously hosted clinical trial business fairs to establish networks with pharmaceutical companies and CROs


TEL : 82-2-2148-9814