Advancing toward a research core center by conducting animal testing in a scientific and ethical manner


Certified by AAALAC International (2001), SMC’s Laboratory Animal Research Center supports biomedical research and clinical trial by providing human resources and physical infrastructure to enable systematic and ethical animal testing. With 6 veterinarians, 4 PhDs in related fields, 14 trainers and technicians and 2 pathologists, the Laboratory Animal Research Center offers customized animal testing services to researchers, while maintaining optimum animal conditions and research environments. Moreover the center promotes good animal welfare practices by maintaining compliance with regulations and monitoring the animal research environments.

The center is equipped with a bio-clean facility capable of breeding up to 20,000 mice and 1,700 rats as well as housing 96 rabbits and 44 pigs. The center has a range of mid-size animal anesthesia equipment, seven sets of monitoring equipment, a less-invasive surgery room (with two tables), a training theater capable of demonstrating microsurgery (10 tables with a microscope and TV monitor set), an inhalation anesthesia equipment for small animals, a surgical microscope and anesthesia equipment for small animals.

To further specialize its support capabilities, the Laboratory Animal Research Center established a mouse phenotyping pipeline and primate technology support system in 2013. In 2013, the mouse phenotyping pipeline completed its first-stage establishment with 13 databases and it is currently performing demo operation service for research mice. The second-stage establishment was complete with 15 databases in 2014, and in 2015, a world-class mouse phenotyping pipeline with a total of 28 databases on nine platforms including ontogeny, neural action, metabolism, circulation, imagery, vision, hearing and tissue pathology will be established.

Major Achievements (Successful cases of preclinical trials)

Major Achievements (Clinical Trial Success Case)
Project P.I
Development of hunter syndrome medication (Hunterase, the world’s second successful cure for Hunter Syndrome) Department of Pediatrics / Jin Dong Kyu
Development of arthritis stem cell medication (Cartistem) Department of Orthopedic Surgery / Ha Chul Won
Efficacy of stem cell therapy for Buerger’s disease Division of Vascular Surgery / Kim Dong Ik
Development of artificial liver (Life Liver) Department of Surgery / Lee Suk-Koo
Development of paclitaxel-coated artificial graft Department of Nephrology / Kim Dae Joong


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