As President and Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Medical Center, it is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of our dedicated physicians and healthcare professionals.
Samsung Medical Center opened its doors in 1994, and has led the changes in the Korean medical field over the past quarter century and established itself as a representative hospital in Korea. In preparation for the upcoming new future, our hospital is united in building on its capabilities. We will take bold steps to build upon our exceptional level of medical care and become a hospital that achieves the best treatment outcomes when treating critically ill patients with the most outstanding medical technology under our new vision ‘SMC at the frontier of future medicine’ and slogan ‘Care Together, Happy Together’.

We will become a cutting-edge intelligence hospital centered on severe and complex diseases.

Our hospital is striving to reinforce and enhance SMC’s renowned continuum of medical care by building a medical environment to define our future as a cutting-edge intelligence hospital tailored to the 4th Industrial Revolution to meet the challenges of severe, complex, rare and intractable diseases.
SMC is continuously striving to strengthen the current serious treatment capacity and to enhance the treatment process using a system that can predict the flow of treatment and reflect it in our services by accelerating the 'R&D Hub' along with ‘integrated management of medical resources', and 'building a medical cluster combining industry, academia, research, and disease.' Through this, SMC will aim to become a hospital that is responsible for not only the ‘clinical outcome’, which focuses on treatment of diseases, but also the 'patient outcome', which is responsible for the treatment and quality of life of critically ill patients and aims for the complete recovery of body and mind through the total care of patients.
In particular, accelerating efforts made to become the hospital of the future includes the adaptation of ‘hardware innovation' which involves ongoing structural changes throughout SMC as well as the introduction of SDN (Software Defined Network), the latest in information network, and applying 'software innovation' by using digital technology such as smart wards and beds, as well as virtual rounds. With these efforts, we will build a state-of-the-art medical environment optimized in providing critical and high-level medical care.

We will develop the ‘next normal’ in preparation for future threat of infectious diseases and will do our best to ensure that patients receive proper treatment in a safe environment.

The world is suffering from infectious diseases, and the reality is that the future of our society will continually be confronted by infectious disease threats. To address the emerging global challenges, our hospital will build a stricter quarantine system and prepare the ‘next normal’ with a process that can proactively respond to the unpredictable future.
Our hospital is developing an innovative infrastructure and system that will allow all patients to focus on critical medical treatments while being free from infectious disease threats. Furthermore, all medical staff at our hospital promise to strictly abide by quarantine guidelines and regulations.

We will implement healthcare-specific ESG management.

We will re-establish and integrate a robust ESG approach to become an ‘eco-friendly hospital’ that supports both society and environment that is feasible in the healthcare sector.
So far, we are improving energy efficiency from hydrothermal energy and district heating, reducing greenhouse gas emissions through replacement of old heat source facilities, and reducing medical waste. Furthermore, we will transition into a 'nature-friendly hospital' by transforming green space within the hospital. Our hospital will also establish a 'safe working environment' and lay the foundation for win-win management that is both lawful and transparent in dealings with various partnerships.
Simultaneously, we will exert our leading capabilities by improving our health information exchange system that enables us to share patient's medical information with our partner hospitals.

Lastly, we are committed to a culture of patient-centered excellence that always puts patients first and a horizontal organization culture that practices mutual respect among staff.

As an innovator of the Korean medical paradigm, our hospital wants to once again change the ‘patient-centered medical culture’ that currently focuses on customer service. In order to truly adapt patient-centered values, we will continue to strive to maximize quality treatment outcomes through individualized treatment, and work endlessly to minimize patient discomfort by further strengthening medical cooperation across local hospitals.
At the same time, with the recognition that every staff member of our hospital are caregivers who participate in patient care together, we will create a hospital where all caregivers work happily by establishing a horizontal organizational culture throughout our hospital. And together with one heart and one mind, we will strive to exceed our own high standards by initiating a new paradigm in the medical field in a great hospital that is trusted by the community.
Every caregiver at Samsung Medical Center is genuinely committed to remain ever relevant in the provision of ‘SMC at the frontier of future medicine’.

Thank you.

Park, Seung Woo
President and Chief Executive Officer