Since the Samsung Medical Center opened in 1994 it has led the changes in Korea's medical world covering all fields including diagnosis and treatment, studies, education and medical services, earning recognition from people as Korea's representative hospital, one worthy of its reputation. However, we will not be satisfied with such achievements but intend to grow as a global hospital through continuous changes and innovation based on a medical philosophy that contributes to the healthy and happy life of mankind. In connection with this, the hospital in 2012 proclaimed Happinnovation 20*20 <Happiness through Healthcare Innovation> with a determination to realize a second takeoff, and we are making efforts to become a global top-level medical institution.

We will provide personalized care for each of our patients with ultramodern, digital-based medical innovation.

First of all, we will apply genome-based, individual tailored precision medicine, and expand service to other diseases in the future to become a hospital that globally guides genome-based individual tailored medicine. We will create a cutting-edge medical environment in the Republic of Korea by fully applying data-based medicine that analyzes the medical information, life information and genome information of patients for application to treatment and studies. In addition, we will lead the era of total health care for individuals by integrating medical treatment with future industry through mobile health care based on advanced IT systems.

We will become a hospital where patients feel happy by providing treatment with warm consideration and sincerity.

We will introduce differentiated medical services that move even the heart of persons visiting the hospital by truly sympathizing with the pains of patients and by providing warm care. To this end, all employees will have a new attitude and positively realize all hospital systems and processes by focusing on patients and provide various customer services so that patients can feel comfortable, as though hospital was their own home. In future, the Samsung Medical Center will take root as a leading global hospital recognized by the world beyond the pride of being a hospital representing the Republic of Korea, further contributing to the welfare of Korea and the world's people. All the executives and employees will do their best to ensure that patients can receive treatment in a comfortable and happy mood while staying at our hospital.

Kwon, O Jung M.D. PhD
President & CEO