1995, the Samsung Medical Center opened a medical treatment center for the first time in the nation, presenting cooperation models with regional and small-medium hospitals. Currently, the Samsung Medical Center operates the nation’s largest cooperative treatment network, connected to 150 affiliated hospitals and 2,520 cooperative treatment clinics. It uses an e-treatment requesting system that can request, or re-request, treatment through computers to affiliated hospitals. You can inquire not only about test results, medical prescriptions, outpatient treatment records, surgery records and brief information on evacuation, but can also view high-definition medical images. Actual cooperative treatment will be pursued with cooperative treatment hospitals and clinics to seek joint development between the Samsung Medical Center and affiliated hospitals and clinics covering Internet cooperative treatment, joint research, sharing IT systems and management consulting, becoming a new model for Korea's medical delivery system.

The system has further been upgraded, which has led to the Outreach Program in which “E-Consult” and the Samsung Medical Center visits and trains regional medical institutions so that they can receive consulting services at the level of interdisciplinary cooperative treatment.

  • 150 affiliated hospitals

  • 2,520 cooperative
    treatment clinics

  • 4,294 SMC partner doctors

  • 2,612 doctors using the
    Samsung referral system

Internet cooperative treatmentE-Consult

OutreachDispatch treatment program

SMC care network

  • Cooperative treatment
  • Joint studies
  • IT sharing
  • Management consulting