At Samsung Medical Center, we provide a wide range of specialist medical services for both outpatient and inpatient overseas patients. In accordance with your medical conditions and needs, IHS staffs will recommend and schedule appointments for you with the appropriate specialists and make all the necessary arrangements for your visit. For appointments at the Samsung Medical Center, kindly complete the registration form and email us. Financial assessment will be performed prior to confirming an appointment. Specific medical and pathology reports may also be requested for review before the patient’s first visit.

Personalized, Convenient and Coordinated Care

  1. Pre-Visit

    Medical Review
    • Contact via E-mail, phone
    • Medical case review
    • Arrangement of treatment plan
    Financial Consultation
    • Cost Estimates
    • Payment options
    Review Special Needs
    • Language assistance
      (Interpreter services)
    • Multicultural meals
    • Religious consideration
    Travel Arrangements
    • Assist with obtaining visa
    • Transportation
    • Lodging
  2. Hospital Visit

    • Proceed with evaluation as arranged
    • Primary care and Health screening at IHS evidence-based and patient-oriented counseling and check-ups
    • Expedited referral to specialists as needed
    • Daily rounding
    • Multi-lingual media : TV, newspapers, magazines, in-room Internet, WI-Bro
    • International calls
    • Multicultural meal options
  3. Before Discharge

    Discharge Planning
    • Discharge instructions
    • Follow-up appointments
    • Medical documentation
    • English receipt
    • Itemized bill upon request
    • Direct billing
  4. Continuous Care

    • 24-hour contact available via email, fax, phone
    • Send additional medical documentation via secure email
    • Arrangement for re-visit

Bring medical report is very important. Samsung Medical Center encourages patients to bring all recent, pertinent medical records, including.

  1. 1. A letter from the local provider summarizing the medical condition
  2. 2. Copies of medical record information from health care providers outside of Samsung Medical Center
  3. 3. All radiologic films, CDs and DVDs written radiologic reports related to the clinical question
  4. 4. All pathology slides(1 STAINED SLIDE, 10 UNSTAINED SLIDE OR paraffin BLOCK) and written pathology reports from relevant biopsies

If indicated(or if you have pathology report), please send us your medical reports and films via post or email before your appointment.