Founding Ideology
We will contribute to improve nation’s health through the best medical service, advanced medical research, and development of outstanding medical personnel.
We are dedicated to improve health and to enhance the quality of life for mankind through the provision of the state-of-the-art patient care, clinical research and education
Happinovation 20*20 "Happiness + Charity + Smart.” Realize patient happiness through digital-based healthcare innovation

What is the 2020 Project?

This is to select 20 leading medical technologies to materialize the life-long health of mankind and make focused investments in order to create medical technologies that globally represent the Samsung Medical Center by 2020. Just as Samsung has grown semiconductors, smart phones and smart TVs into globally represented products, we will also select 20 such important projects in the medical sector, with a target to cultivate them as global medical technologies. The Samsung Medical Center is an extra-large hospital equipped with 2,000 sickbeds that operates a globally unprecedented “hospital, school and industry” complex in which the world’s best enterprises, colleges and super-large research institute are combined. It plans to select 20 leading medical technologies supported by the sponsorship of Samsung to bring the brand value of the Samsung Medical Center to the world’s top level.