KT Corporation - Samsung Medical Center, innovating medicine via 5G



KT Corporation (South Korea’s largest telephone company, CEO - Chang Gyu Hwang) and Samsung Medical Center (President & CEO - O Jung Kwon) signed a MOU to establish “5G Smart Innovation Hospital,” and announced that they will develop the innovative medical services based on 5G network.


5G-based medical innovation eventually helps to treat patients promptly and accurately. While the large data can be processed rapidly, the large imaging information of patients can be confirmed in any place of the hospital if the secured 5G is applied. Therefore, faster and more accurate medical services can be provided.


The best treatment method for patients can be applied through exchanging opinions while monitoring the operation imaging sent via 5G. Furthermore, various results of test data are available immediately by 5G mobile devices and the communication and cooperation efficiency between medical staff can be improved.


The agreement made between both parties is very meaningful because 5G technology is actually applied to medical services such as treatment, diagnosis, education, etc. for the first time. Especially, active cooperation between medical staff would help patients to receive a higher quality of medical services.