Joint development and technology transfer contract of anticancer immunotherapeutic agent between SMC and Vaxcell-Bio Therapeutics, Co. Ltd.



To develop an anticancer immunotherapeutic agent, Samsung Medical Center and Vaxcell-Bio Therapeutics, Co. Ltd. successfully created “Mass culture method of Natural Killer (NK) cells whose anticancer effect is strong using feeder cells which overexpressed OX40L proteins” through joint research and submitted a co-patent application. Moreover, a ceremony for transferring the technology of Samsung Medical Center to Vaxcell-Bio Therapeutics, Co. Ltd. was held.


The technology developed by both institutions can amplify NK cells with a high level of purity and amplification rate using feeder cells to produce a groundbreaking improvement in efficiency and efficacy for NK cells–based cancer treatment.


So far, the only available NK cell amplification method uses various expensive cytokines in high concentrations, allowing only a small number of patients who are financially stable to receive the treatment.


As this technology is transferred to Vaxcell-Bio Therapeutics, Co. Ltd., which has performed R&D of in vitro mass amplification of NK cells and whose clinical trial conduct ability has been proven, the technology is expected to be applied to actual clinical settings by performing clinical trials in the future. Furthermore, additional follow-up researches such as high-efficient CAR-NK cell development, etc. by applying such technology are being prepared.