Mr. Jong-Youen Park, the first Asian to receive “Honorary Award” at the American Society of Ocularists



Mr. Jong-Youen Park, ocularist of Ophthalmology Lab, received an “Honorary Award” at the fall conference of the American Society of Ocularists (ASO), which was held in the Park Central San Francisco Hotel, USA, last October 10–16.


As a member of the ASO, Mr. Jong-Youen Park produced exemplary results from his research and humanitarian efforts and made contributions that exceeded the qualifications of a regular member. That is why he was chosen to be “the first Asian to receive this award.”


Mr. Jong-Youen Park, who was selected as the first regular ASO member in South Korea in 2014 and recognized as an international specialist in artificial eyes, said that “I will donate the monetary prize I received to the students who want to become ocularists in the developing countries.”


The “Honorary Award” was initiated to commemorate “The Most Respected Ocularist” who is trusted by ocularists worldwide.