Providing 500 sets of health promotion items

Samsung Medical Center provided 500 sets of health promotions items composed of masks, hand sanitizers, vitamins, etc. to people in Buksang-myeon (Geochang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do) on May 26th.
Volunteer activity in the first half of this year ended with the delivery of this health promotion kits.


Because of the continuous COVID-19 spread since the beginning of this year, the pre-arranged face-to-face volunteer works such as providing medical services, etc. were all canceled. Instead, Samsung Medical Center has provided items for preventing COVID-19 infection to the local communities.


Samsung Medical Center provided 200 sets of infection control items to a children center and vulnerable people in February and 200 sets of hygienic products containing hand sanitizers and cleaning agents, which were prepared by caregivers of Samsung Medical Center, to vulnerable people in the local community through Korean Red Cross in March. In addition, Samsung Medical Center provided 144 sets of immunity promotion items to families with disabilities and 400 sets of infection control items to the Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities and the welfare center in April. Thus, a total of 1881 sets of infection control items were provided in the first half of the year.