SMC and KT sign agreement to develop MR (Mixed Reality) solution for brain cognitive development and dementia prevention

SMC and KT signed an agreement for development of reality healthcare contents. Under the agreement, the two parties will develop a mixed reality (MR) solution for development of cognitive ability and brain and prevention of dementia. In addition, the parties will conduct collaborative research and cooperate in planning new contents.


MR is a technology that combines virtual information into a real space to establish mixed reality. One can experience a virtual environment without wearing equipment like VR devices and AR glasses.


In May of this year, KT released “KT Real Cube,” a solution that combines educational and healthcare contents. It is an MR solution that enables brain development in concentration, mathematics, and problem-solving skills and body development in responsiveness, endurance, and muscle strength at the same time by constructing responsive technology and motion sensors in the real space. Users are provided with personal index for evaluation of the development status and the effectiveness of the solution. In order to increase the professionalism and reliability of such index, the SMC Neuroscience Center and Dementia Research Center will conduct data verification and research on brain and cognitive development effects.


Under the agreement, the parties are expected to combine reality media technology with the SMC’s medical capabilities to provide more innovative medical and healthcare services.