Samsung Medical Center to Introduce Smart Services with Cutting-Edge Technology


After declaring to be the world’s first 5G Smart Innovative Hospital in 2019, Samsung Medical Center is innovating its services once again to enhance patient experience and successfully respond to the rising number of novel infectious diseases.


The newly devised process for overall patient traffic with smart and cutting-edge technology is adopted to facilitate a safe and efficient workflow and strengthen untact environments capable of containing infectious diseases.


The Speed Gate, an access control system using automatic identification, has been put in place since October 2020, and the QR code identification process for hospital visitors was preemptively introduced on July 3 this year.


The automatic access control system named Speed Gate is similar to that of a subway platform. All patients and other visitors to the hospital fill out a specially prepared questionnaire in advance to get the QR pass code. In addition, the thermal imaging camera identifies visitors with fever and prevents them from having access to the hospital, regardless of their survey results. Thus, the Speed Gate doors open only after checking the body temperature and scanning the QR pass code.


The untact automatic system Speed Gate highlights Samsung Medical Center’s pioneering efforts in preventing the spread of COVID-19.