2020 Physician of the Year – Prof. Oh, Kap Sung

An expert in the field of external ear reconstructive surgery, Professor Oh, Kap Sung has performed over 1,500 congenital microtia reconstructive surgery and has made boundless commitments to improve patient’s quality of life.

As a prolific participant of 115 articles dedicated to diagnosis, surgery and treatment of microtia, Professor Oh’s recent article which suggests surgical treatment guidelines for microtia based on his medical experience and expertise was published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most prestigious in the field of plastic surgery.

For a long time now, Professor Oh has been actively contributing to social welfare; compassionately devoting himself to medical volunteer work. Since the start of ‘Samsung Bringing Back Bright Smiles’ campaign in 2004, Professor Oh has volunteered to over 10,000 consultations and performed more than 1,100 surgeries for facial deformities, giving hope to patients who are less fortunate to receive adequate treatment.

Professor Oh launched Global Care, an international medical volunteer program through a non-governmental organization (NGO). He visited Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar a total of 16 times during 2002 to 2019 to provide treatment and surgery pro bono for patients with facial scars and deformities. From 2016 to 2019, sponsored by Samsung Electronics, a total of 94 surgeries over the course of 4 years were performed in Vietnam to treat congenital facial deformities and burn patients. Furthermore, to overcome the limitations of volunteering, hands-on training and lectures were provided to local medical professionals to enable them to continue the volunteer work and help sustain the local communities’ health and well-being.