Co-author for Emergency Chest Radiology Textbook


The team of Professor Kim, Tae-Jung and Choi, Yeon Hyeon of the Department of Radiology at Samsung Medical Center, Prof. Lee, Kyung Soo from the Department of Radiology at Samsung Changwon Hospital, and Prof. Lee, Kyung Hee from the Department of Radiology at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital co-authored Emergency Chest Radiology, a textbook on emergency cardiothoracic imaging which was published by Springer, an international publisher specializing in medical science.


This book provides the latest information on imaging diagnosis of various types of emergency cardiothoracic diseases as well as patients who visit the emergency room for chest trauma or pain.


Furthermore, it systematically classifies a broad spectrum of chest and cardiovascular emergencies and explains in detail the typical imaging findings for each disease. It also specifically emphasizes the role of cutting-edge imaging technology.


The lead author, Prof. Kim, Tae Jung of Samsung Medical Center, has stated, “The importance of accurate imaging in a critical situation where the patient's life is at stake cannot be emphasized enough. I hope this book will be an ideal resource for understanding emergency chest radiology for all medical personnel in the emergency medical team, general and emergency radiology specialists, radiology residents, and medical students.”