Korea’s First Annual 3,000 Cases of Breast Cancer Surgery


In 2021, the number of breast cancer cases in Korea is estimated to be between 25,000 and 30,000. This means that more than 10% of new breast cancer patients this year were operated on at the Breast Cancer Center in Samsung Medical Center.


The Breast Cancer Center has established a treatment system based on multidisciplinary treatment that includes breast surgery, oncology, radiology, pathology, plastic surgery, radiation oncology, rehabilitation medicine, mental health, and family medicine.


The department of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery is planning a prospective randomized clinical study to minimize complications and obtain the best cosmetic results while performing the largest number of simultaneous implant reconstruction in Korea.


Furthermore, the Breast Cancer Center is conducting a total of 103 multinational clinical trials, and is providing opportunities of a new drug treatment to patients with intractable breast cancer in various forms.


Other strengths include having specialized clinics within the center. The Breast Cancer Center currently has Young Womens Breast Cancer Clinic, Hereditary Breast Cancer Clinic, Lifelong Health Clinic, and Lymphedema Clinic. Additionally, it provides educational programs for patients with breast cancer in cooperation with the Cancer Education Center.


With these efforts, the 5-year relative survival rate of the Breast Cancer Center is at 95.3%, which is higher than the average of 93.3% in Korea and 90.3% in the United States.