Opened a Multidisciplinary Precision Cancer Treatment Center for Patients with Terminal Cancer


Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center opened the world's first multidisciplinary Precision Cancer Treatment Center.


Although genomic analysis, biomarker analysis, and immunotherapy have been actively conducted in the field of cancer research, the Precision Cancer Treatment Center, in which treatment is based on a multidisciplinary approach, has been attempted for the first time and is raising high expectations.


The Precision Cancer Treatment Center consists of more than five medical departments centered on the Department of Hematology and Oncology; in addition, performs an integrated and precise analysis of patient's clinical information, cancer characteristics, blood tests, cancer images, and specific complications to treat next-generation cancer. The center aims to be at the forefront and lead the future of precision cancer medicine, that includes cancer surgery techniques and radiation therapy.


For patients with metastatic cancer who cannot undergo surgery, or if traditional treatment methods are not effective, or those among terminal cancer patients whose mutated genes were found through genetic testing, or also for solid tumors and leukemia, the Precision Cancer Treatment Center can provide an optimal individualized treatment option for the patient and their specific cancer.


After making an appointment at the Precision Cancer Treatment Center, the patient will either consult with a specific department or have a multidisciplinary consultation, followed by a consultation at the Precision Cancer Treatment Center all on the same day. If needed, next-generation sequencing (NGS) will also be done. This will analyze the target gene and design a unique therapy that precisely targets that gene and then proceeds with the personalized treatment.