Ambulatory Treatment Center

Ambulatory Treatment Center comprehensively implements various treatments such as injection of anti-cancer, blood transfusion, treatment, procedure and Fluid Therapy etc. Ambulatory Treatment Center is adjacent to the Outpatient Division of Hematology-Oncology. Accordingly, patients can instantly access this center after receiving medical treatment. When it comes to our operating system, patients receive medical treatment at the appointed day so that they can return on the same day.

Main Service

We are operating Anti-Cancer Injection unit, Therapy unit and Stem cell transplantation unit separately for professional anti-cancer treatment and care aimed at cancer patients. In addition, anti-cancer and stem cell transplantation nurse specialists maintain a presence at the center to provide systematic anti-cancer treatment services. We implement medical treatments and have close ties with division of Hematology-Oncology.


  • We give an injection of anti-cancer drugs at Anti-Cancer Injection Unit. After having outpatient services, patients are able to receive medical treatments on the same day or appointed day. There is duration of treatment depending on anti-cancer drugs for each patient.
  • We give injections except anti-cancer drugs at Therapy unit. We implement inspection and treatment such as blood transfusion, dressing, bone marrow biopsy, Ascites/Hydrothorax/ Lumbar Puncture and changing drainage bags etc. Treatment is operating on the same day.
  • Stem cell transplantation Clinic is the place providing such things as treatment, counselling, injection, and the other type of treatments aimed at patients received Stem cell transplantation and discharged from the Medical Center. Physicians and stem cell transplantation nurse specialists observe and manage possible complications and side effects. Furthermore, we counsel patients on rules for living and dietary treatment etc.

User Guide

Business Hours

User Guide
Classifications Business Hours
Anti-Cancer Injection Unit Mon-Fri 7:30~21:30
Sat 8:00~12:00
Therapy unit Mon-Fri 8:00~19:30
Sat 8:00~12:00
Stem cell transplantation unit Mon-Fri 9:00~17:30

Location: Ambulatory Treatment Center is on the 2nd floor of Cancer Center(Map)
Contact: ++82-2-3410-6235
Saturday business hours are subject to change depending on the situation.