Colorectal Cancer Center

At the Colorectal Cancer Center, we bring together the best specialists in gastrointestinal surgery, gastroenterology, hematology and oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, and thoracic surgery. They work together to develop an integrative regimen and provide a personalized care for patients.

Major areas of treatment / Clinics

Colon cancer, rectal cancer, anal cancer, relapsing/metastatic/intractable colorectal cancer, hereditary colorectal cancer, and hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (familial adenomatous polyposis, more than two colorectal cancer patients in the immediate family, the onset of colorectal cancer before 50 in the family)

Strong points

1. We offer personalized treatment with our multi-disciplinary patient-centered approach.

  • Face-to-face multi-disciplinary approach
    We take a face-to-face multi-disciplinary approach to patients with severe and intractable colorectal cancer.
    In this approach, specialists in diverse areas choose the best possible options, and on just a single visit, the patients can have treatment methods chosen and consult several different experts. Along with the patients themselves, their families can join this process and gain advice directly from the experts.
  • Fast track system
    This system is for patients who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer by our partner clinics and require surgery. This is the fastest system where additional tests are done, the findings are analyzed, and surgery dates are picked on the first visit. The admission and surgery schedules are arranged considering the patients’ preference. Usually, surgery is performed within a week.

2. We have rich experience of surgery with 1,600+ cases every year.

3. At the center, we proactively adopt cutting-edge therapies and improve our performance.

  • Minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, targeted therapy, and proton therapy

4. We follow common protocols based on international guidelines and seek treatment standardization.

5. We also provide SMART education materials to inform our patients and their families correctly.

  • Pre-surgery care, surgery, post-surgical adjuvant therapy, ostomy care, nutritional care, etc.

Diagnostic tests

To diagnose the condition and determine the stage, the following tests are conducted: colonoscopy, biopsies, tumor marker tests, thoracic and abdominal CT, pelvic MIR, transrectal ultrasonography, and PET.

Latest treatment methods

  • Minimally invasive surgery (conventional, single-port, Robotic surgery)
  • Therapeutic endoscopy for early-stage colorectal cancer
  • Chemotherapies using advanced agents
  • Innovative radiotherapies
  • Tailored targeted therapies

Recent trends in clinical research

With its aim to become a leader in eradicating cancer, the Center is leading and investing its resources in intractable cancer treatment.

  • In cooperation with the Samsung Genome Institute, we provide personalized targeted therapies using avatar models based on genomic analyses.
  • We are carrying out research to determine the efficacy of radiofrequency ablation to colorectal cancer patients with unresectable multiple liver metastases during whole liver radiation.