Gynecologic Cancer Center

The Gynecologic Cancer Center of Samsung Medical Center (SMC) provides swift and accurate diagnostic services and offers optimized treatments for patients with endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. With a reputation as a world leader in laparoscopic gynecologic surgeries, robotic surgery and extended radical curative surgery, the Gynecologic Cancer Center is a global hub for multinational clinical tests, which cover new treatment modalities in the battle against gynecologic cancer. Translational research related to the early diagnosis and personalized therapy of gynecologic cancer aims to find the new ways of cure for cancer.

Organization of Gynecologic Cancer Center

The Gynecologic Cancer Center is operated by a multidisciplinary team that offers optimized comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, involving the departments of Gynecology, Obstetrics, Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiology, Pathology, and Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.
The Gynecologic Cancer Center is composed of 6 major centers and clinics; the Minimal Invasive Surgery Center (MISC), the Gynecologic Cancer Clinical Trial Center (GCCTC), the Molecular Target Research Center (MTRC), the Radiation Biology Research Center (RBRC), Ovarian Cancer Early Diagnosis Clinic(OCEDC), and Clear Cell Ovarian Cancer Clinic(CCOCC). Each center and clinic is involved in cutting-edge research that enables the Gynecologic Cancer Center to provide personalized treatment. Our Gynecologic Cancer Center does best to meet the needs for each patient in cancer treatment.

Number of registered patients and treatment track record

Around 250 cervical cancer patients, 180 endometrial cancer patients, and 290 ovarian cancer patients are registered at the Gynecologic Cancer Center yearly.
The Gynecologic Cancer Center performs 183 surgeries for cervical cancer, 161 surgeries for endometrial cancer, and 276 surgeries for ovarian cancer in 2014. More than half of the surgeries for cervical cancer and endometrial cancer are performed using minimally invasive techniques using laparoscopic approach those are now moving to the robotic approach.
The Gynecologic Cancer Center of SMC has a world-class record of success with 5-year survival rates for cervical cancer patients: (1st stage: 89%, 2nd stage: 65%, 3rd stage: 42%, 4th stage:18%); endometrial cancer patients: (1st stage: 87%, 2nd stage: 76%, 3rd stage: 59%, 4th stage: 18%); and ovarian cancer patients: (1st stage: 78%, 2nd stage: 60%, 3rd stage: 30%, 4th stage: 13%)

Treatment System

The Gynecologic Cancer Center offers one-day outpatient services for cancer patients to reduce time from diagnosis to treatment.
It includes radiological and endoscopic diagnostic procedures, and the operation schedule can be made on the day of visit when the treatment procedure has been determined during the first medical examination.

A multidisciplinary team involving Obstetrician/Gynecology, Radiation Oncology, Hematology Oncology, and Pathology, Radiology makes decision in the face-to-face multidisciplinary team meeting for each patient to provide optimized method for diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, the Gynecologic Cancer Center holds weekly conferences on selecting the treatment plans for gynecologic cancer patients and tumor board meetings to promote interdepartmental sharing of information on the treatment procedures and map treatment plans out for specific needs of patients. The Gynecologic Cancer Center has developed the guidelines on standard treatments through interdepartmental discussion. This system ensures safe, optimized, and comprehensive cancer treatment.

For young cancer patients, we provide fertility sparing treatment option and consultation to infertility clinic. We have outstanding Obstetrician, gynecologic endocrinologist, and infertility professionals within Samsung Gynecologic Cancer Center, so we provide integral medical services through whole women’s life not only for cancer patients but also for cancer survivors.

The Gynecologic Cancer Center actively exchanges information, opinions about treatment modalities and clinical research results with domestic and international cancer centers in the field of gynecologic cancer to provide patients with the newest, most effective therapies. We are providing opportunities for gynecologic cancer patients to participate multicenter, international clinical trial. The Gynecologic Cancer Center has enrolled patients to more than 20 clinical trials and currently we are participating 17 clinical trials.

Gynecologic Cancer Patients’Day

Gynecologic Cancer Center participates in the annual “Gynecologic Cancer Patients’ Day” to provide up-to-date information and education to patients being treated in SMC and their guardians and to motivate them to fight back against disease. Gynecologic Cancer Center has attracted favorable reactions from both patients and their guardians for this most worthwhile program.