The Department of Dermatology of the Samsung Medical Center makes efforts to do its best for the healthy skin of Koreans at all times.

Major areas of treatment / Clinics

We deal with various skin diseases, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, contact dermatitis, allergies, trichopathy, nail diseases, skin tumors, genetic diseases, pigment disorders, vascular diseases, acne and skin aging, and help diagnose various diseases in internal organs expressed by skin problems.

Strong points

We apply noninvasive test equipment that cannot easily be found at other hospitals such as ultrasonic instruments for dermatology and laser Doppler meters for the measurement of skin bloodstream forthe diagnosis of skin diseases. We are established as the first runner in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases witha large number of laser equipment and light therapy equipment, and we are participating in various domestic/overseas clinical trials to keep pace with the international standardization of treatment.
In addition to treatment, we consistently train personnel in this field and perform in-depth research in dermatological pathology and molecular biology to resolve skin diseases that are hard to cure. In particular, through various basic and clinical studies, including studies on skin disease-related genomes, we have been leading in state-of-the art skin science studies. We were designated as Korea’s skin genome research center for 10 years from 2000 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and have actively conducted related studies. In particular, we have been achieving various good outcomes related to atopic dermatitis.