Pediatric Adolescent Center

SMC’s Pediatric Adolescent Center is the nation's best medical center devoted exclusively to caring for children and adolescents. Our team of pediatric doctors, nurses and other medical staffs are working collaboratively for ‘the highest quality and foremost advanced care & safety first’ for children.

Major areas of treatment

We offer a complete range of health care services for children from birth through 18 years of age. With 46 experienced doctors representing more than 15 pediatric specialties, SMC’s Pediatric Adolescent Center offers more comprehensive "whole child" care than many of the country's major medical centers. In SMC’s Pediatric Adolescent Center, all the health problems that occur in children and adolescents are tackled by specialized teams in 52 dedicated clinics.


SMC’s Pediatric Adolescent Center has achieved national and international recognition for the advancement of healthcare and research.
We have the world record for the highest survival rate in high-risk neuroblastoma. We also have the national record of the highest survival rate for the smallest premature infants. We became the first hospital in Korea to open a Ministry of Environment-designated atopy research center. We have approximately 10,000 inpatient admissions and 182,000 clinic visits each year. Last year the center performed more than 5,000+ surgical procedures.
SMC’s Pediatric Adolescent Center is one of the largest pediatric research programs in the South Korea. We have conducted thousands of research projects identifying treatments and therapies for many debilitating childhood diseases. Development of “Hunterase”, a new drug for children with mucopolysaccharidoses proved our Excellency in translating the laboratory research to clinical care.

Other resources

Samsung Medical Center has established a “hospital school” to give pediatric and adolescent patients access to education and to help them return to school after treatment.
If no certificate of attendance is necessary in the original school the patient is enrolled in, he/she may come and participate in classes offered by the hospital. If a certificate of attendance is necessary at the patient’s original school, he/she should consult with SMC’s principal teacher before attending.
We are committed to offering comprehensive, child-friendly, family-centered services to care children with special needs. Family counselling services, inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation services, language services, and nutrition support services are available year around.