Thyroid Center

The Thyroid Center specializes in endocrinology, endocrine surgery, head & neck surgery of otorhinolaryngology, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine, and radiation oncology. Annually, our staff collaborates on over 2,000 thyroid surgeries, over 50,000 outpatient care, and over 23,000 ultrasounds.

Major areas of treatment

Thyroid cancer, thyroid dysfunction and other thyroid diseases


  • We employ a collaborative care system called the "Thyroid Nodule Clinic", which provides one-stop service allowing patients to go through all the necessary examinations in one day. This clinic, open every Tuesday, includes specialists in endocrinology, endocrine surgery and head & neck surgery of otorhinolaryngology. Patients who have been referred here can make appointments through the Samsung Referral Center. With this expedited system, patients can complete ultrasound-assisted fine needle aspiration cytology, a thyroid scan and a blood test, all on the same day.
  • We routinely perform oncogene analysis including BRAF and RET mutation tests to enhance the accuracy of the diagnosis of thyroid cancer.
  • Over the phone or in person, our dedicated coordination nurses in the Thyroid Center can assist patients who have questions about diagnosis and treatment procedures, including surgery and radioactive iodine treatment.

Recent clinical research

The Thyroid Center staff members have studied the oncogenes that cause and regulate thyroid cancer, analyzedits growth inhibition mechanisms, and adopted new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Other resources

We hold regular meetings to discuss problematic cases and to strategize about the best approach to care. Since 2011, we have performed surgeries on Saturdays as well as weekdays to minimize patient waiting periods. A best-in-class clinic in Korea, our Thyroid Center is committed to enhancing the accuracy and speed of our medical service.