Critical Care Center

The Critical Care Center provides treatment which acts as a social safety net for critical care. To ensure our critical patients receive the care they need 24 hours a day, we provide a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach directed by board-certified doctors from the departments of pulmonary medicine, general surgery, thoracic surgery, pediatrics, neurology, and infectious medicine.

Major areas of treatment

  • ICU
  • Rapid response
  • Major trauma
  • ECMO(Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) specialized team
  • Critical patient transportation
  • Critical patient rehabilitation


The Critical Care Center has recruited Professor Choi Myung-geun (Augustine Choi), a world-renowned expert in critical care, from the department of pulmonary medicine at Harvard University to implement the “Harvard Critical Patient Treatment System.” The center’s multidisciplinary team is composed of critical care specialists, board-certified doctors, residents, ICU nurses, physical/occupational therapists, and clinical pharmacists.

We provide the full range of integrated management care, from the ward or emergency room to discharge:

  • Rounds seven times a week
  • Appropriate protocols for patient groups
  • Multidisciplinary team according to patient characteristics
  • Daily goal sheets
  • Key checklists for each patient
  • Prediction management of discharge/transfer
  • Participation of patient and caregiver/family