Prof. Chung Chin-Sang Elected as President of ARCH

- The professor of Neurology at SMC begins his 2-year term
-“I will present a solution for the headache problem in Asia”
Prof. Chung Chin-Sang from Department of Neurology, SMC, was elected as President of Asian Regional Committee of Headache (ARCH).  
Prof. Chung was elected as President of the academic society at the 6th Asian Regional Conference for Headache, held at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital from October 15 to 16, unanimously by its board members.
Prof. Chung will lead the organization for two years from October 16, 2016.
ARCH is the official branch of International Headache Society in the Asia region. IHS is an internationally recognized organization that stipulated the classification, diagnostic criteria, and globally-observed standardized treatment guidelines concerning all diseases associated with headache.
As the president, Prof. Chung will hold the society’s biannual gathering, Asian Regional Conference for Headache, run various programs aimed at raising awareness about headache and educating and teaching young medical staff, and play many more other roles.
“I’d like to make the society a more solid organization, which is still in the early stage, run joint research programs, and establish academic events that will help raise a new generation of headache specialists,” Prof. Chung talked about his ambition, “and by that, we’ll do our best to raise awareness about headache, a disease that threatens the quality of life and even life itself, and to solve the headache problem of all Asians who amount to two thirds of the world population.”