The demand for more specialized nursing care has risen recently due to an advancement of health care and increase in patient severity, as well as the necessity of providing quality of care, medical cost reduction, ect. Consequently, in order to foster advanced practice nurses (APNs) with specialized knowledge and competencies, the Graduate School of Clinical Nursing Science was established in 2001.

The graduate program consists of clinical nursing studies and clinical nursing administration studies.
Clinical nursing studies aims to cultivate APNs capable of performing advanced nursing practice through advanced knowledge-based and skill-based training and education. Clinical nursing administration studies teach leadership and nursing administration necessary for a clinical administrator who can contribute to the advancement of clinical practices.

School of Clinical Nursing Science

Graduate School of Clinical Nursing Science : Education, Research, Practice

Provide practice-based education to become the graduate school favored by students, professors, health-care providers and consumers.
First Choice Graduate School in Korea

Improve theory, knowledge and efficiency of health-care service
through practice-based research.
Practice –Centered Research Graduate School

Show the excellence of advanced nursing practice and provide benefits to consumers, professionals and the graduate school by participating in nursing practice.
Win-Win Partnership Creating Future Value in Practice