Samsung Medical Center : 4,000 microdecompression cases by a team of neurosurgeons led by Professor Park Kwan


Samsung Medical Center reported that 4,000 microdecompression surgeries were recently conducted by a team of neurosurgeons led by Professor Park Kwan for the treatment of Hemifacial spasm and trigeminal neuropathy. More than 4,000 cases of microdecompression is an uncommon case that has attracted the attention of international scientific circles. When performing surgical microdepression for the treatment of unilateral contraction of facial muscles, the success rate is 93%, the probability of complications including hearing loss is less than 1%, and the death rate is 0%. Thus, this is considered one of the greatest results in surgery and is gaining world recognition. In addition, the guideline for surgical microdecompression by the team of Professor Park is widely used as an international standard, including clinical progress, the type of vascular compression, the extent of vascular compression following surgical findings, the use of surveillance devices, and the surgical techniques for preventing cerebrospinal fluid.