Prof. Han Young-Yi Publishes on Physics World: Article Selected as “Focused Paper”


Department of Radiation Oncology research team led by Prof. Han Young-Yi has recently published the results of their research on Physics World, a physics magazine.

The study showed that Fe₃O₄/TaO x, a nanoparticle material that functions as a contrast enhancer in both MRI and CAT scan, can be used as a radiosensitizer in proton therapy: suggesting the possibility of Fe₃O₄/TaO x nanoparticle-aided proton therapy that minimizes radiation exposure on healthy organs by focusing the radiation onto the tumor, as well as the possibility of theranostics through MRI or CAT scan.

The article was also selected as a “focused paper” by Physics in Medicine & Biology (Phys. Med. Biol. 63114001), a journal of biomedical studies.