Samsung Medical Center Breaks World Record of Most Laparoscopic Living Donor Hepatectomies

Samsung Medical Center Organ Transplantation Center and the Korean Society for Transplantation opened SMC 200-2000 Celebration Symposium (200 cases of laparoscopic liver resection and 2000 cases of liver transplant) on March 8.

Since the first deceased donor liver transplantation in May, 1996, the center has played a pioneering role in liver transplantation in Korea by succeeding the first liver transplantation without red blood cells transfusion in 2001, the youngest pediatric liver transplantation in Korea in 2002, a combined heart and liver transplantation in 2016. In 2018, the center has achieved 2061 cases of successful liver transplantation.

The Organ Transplantation Center started to perform laparoscopic living donor hepatectomy in 2013 to ensure the safety of the living liver donor while minimizing the scarring. In 2018, the laparoscopic hepatectomy was performed in 94 cases out of 106 cases (89 percent) of living liver donors, breaking the world record of most laparoscopic living donor hepactectomies by performing a total of 223 laparoscopic living donor hepatectomies.