This program differs from other programs by bringing together the best specialist professors from all fields to organize a health screening program after analyzing your health history and living habits. What's more, they directly participate in your continual health management system even after the program has been completed.

Customized health screening program for each individual client

  • A health screening program is prepared after considering your personal characteristics: sex, age, family history, health history, and daily habits.
  • Each client's medical history and problems are analyzed ahead of time. The items for the test are selected after first analyzing by the doctors in the specialty departments.
  • We offer meals tailored to the client's health condition and personal taste. In addition, we also provide a hospital room that has an ambience similar to a hotel room.

Consultation and treatment system by the best medical staff in each specialty.

  • After the comprehensive testing has been completed, there will be consultations with the best medical staff in each specialty department to discuss the results of the tests.
  • We operate specialty clinics to help address and improve living habits, including obesity and smoking.
  • We provide psychological counseling programs and healthy aging management programs to help improve the quality of life
  • You will receive special medical consultations about the disease and methods of prevention in the privacy of exclusive VIP rooms.

Additional health management system for 1 year after the health screening has been completed.

  • Even after your health screening, the designated nurse will remain your single point of contact for medical records, follow-up communication and future appointments.
  • Each client's health information, such as results of health screening tests or results of outpatient visits, will be managed in a systematic and integrated manner and shared with the medical staff.
  • You will receive continuous health management by the professors in the specialty department who participated in the health screening.

Integrated management system by special medical staff on a 1-on-1 basis

  • The designated nurse is in charge of coordinating the program from beginning to end.
  • The entire procedure - from the health screening to the consultation with the professors to evaluate the test results - proceeds as a one-stop service.
  • Any health problems that develop after the screening program are dealt with promptly by communicating with the different professors.
  • Assistance is also provided to family members who need medical care.


Various options are available depending on the need, e.g.

  • 1 day
  • 1 night and 2 days
  • 2 nights and 3 days
  • 3 nights and 4 days

24 hour International medical assistance

If medical care is needed while traveling overseas for business or pleasure, we provide medical services such as 24-hour telephone consultations with physicians, doctor's appointments at appropriate local hospitals, or transfers to other hospitals.

Convenience in use of the emergency room

Quick treatment and other conveniences are provided to the client, and the ward is preferentially assigned to the client, if necessary.

Limousine.Valet parking services

The ultimate in convenience is provided to clients living overseas or in the provinces.


MRI & MRA (Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Angiography), TCD(Trans Cranial Doppler), Carotid Doppler Ultrasound, Specialist consultation.


Low-dose lung CT, Smoking cessation clinic, Specialist consultation


Echocardiography, Treadmill test, Coronary CT angiography, Heart MRI, Specialist consultation

Gastrointestinal system

Upper abdomen Ultrasonogram, Pancreas CT(or MRI), Endoscopy & Colonoscopy(with conscious sedation), Polypectomy, Specialist consultation

Cancer precision

Blood Tumor Marker(AFP/CEA/CA19-9/PSA), Thyroid ultrasonography, PET CT


Prostate Ultrasound, Andrology, Specialist consultation


Pap smear, HPV Genotyping, Pelvis ultrasonography, Osteoporosis test, Thyroid & Breast test, Specialist consultation


Tonometry, Fundoscopy, Cataract test, Specialist consultation

Ear, nose, and throat

Laryngeal cancer screening, Specialist consultation

Dental clinic

Specialist consultation, Scaling


Assessment and consultation

Sports medicine

Evaluation and consultation


Healthy aging, Evaluation of memory, Evaluation of sleep, Psychological counseling


Specialist consultation of problems/symptoms and diseases.

1Plastic Surgery Prof. Bang, Sa-Ik

2Internal Medicine Prof. Choi, Yoon-Ho

3Gastroenterology Prof. Rhee, Poong-Lyul

4Mental Health Prof. Kim, Ji Hye

5Respiratory Medicine Prof. Kwon, O Jung

6Endocrinology Prof. Lee, Moon-Kyu

7Dermatology Prof. Yang, Jun-Mo

8Endocrinology Prof. Min, Yong-Ki

9Cardiology Prof. Lee, Sang Hoon

10Neurology Prof. Chung, Chin-Sang

11Orthopedics Prof. Ha, Chul-Won

12Urology Prof. Lee, Sung-Won